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Bitcoin is a digital peer-to-peer currency system that provides a decentralized method for performing transactions.
Bitcoins (BTC) are also the name of the unit of currency. The Bitcoin protocol is based off a paper by Satoshi Nakamoto called "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” that is designed to allow monetary transactions between users without a central authority like a bank or services like P ... Read more »
Category: Advanced Computing | Views: 914 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-31 | Comments (0)

The term "Artificial Intelligence” was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is a branch of computer science that aims to make computers behave like humans.Artificial Intelligence includes programming computers to make decisions in real life situations (e.g. some of these "expert systems” help physicians in the diagnosis of diseases based on symptoms), programming computers to understand human languages (natural language), programming computers to play games such as chess and checkers (games playing), programming computers to hear, see and react to other sensory stimuli(robotics) and designing systems that mimic human intelligence by attempting to reproduce the types of physical connections between neurones in the human brain (neural networks).
Natural-language processing would allow ordinary people who don’t have any knowledge of programming languages to ... Read more »
Category: Advanced Computing | Views: 909 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-31 | Comments (0)

DNA computing, also known as molecular computing, is a new approach to massively parallel computation based on groundbreaking work by Adleman. He used DNA to solve a seven-node Hamiltonian path problem, a special case of an NP-complete problem that attempts to visit every node in a graph exactly once. (This special case is trivial to solve with a conventional computer, or even by hand, but illustrates the potential of DNA computing.)
A DNA computer is basically a collection of specially selected DNA strands whose combinations will result in the solution to some problem. Technology is currently available both to select the initial strands and to filter the final solution. The promise of DNA computing is massive parallelism: with a given setup and enough DNA, one can potentially solve huge problems by parallel search. This can be much faster than a conventional computer, for which massive parallelism would require ... Read more »
Category: Advanced Computing | Views: 900 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-31 | Comments (0)

SQL Injection is one of the many web attack mechanisms used by hackers to steal data from organisations. It is perhaps one of the most common application layer attack techniques used today.
Web applications allow legitimate website visitors to submit and retrieve data to/from a database over the Internet using their preferred web browser.
Databases are central to modern websites – they store data needed for websites to deliver specific content to visitors and render information to customers, suppliers, employees and a host of stakeholders. User credentials, financial and payment information, company statistics may all be resident within a database and accessed by legitimate users through off-the-shelf and custom web applications. Web applications and databases allow you to regularly run your business.
SQL Injection is the hacking technique which attempts to pass SQL commands through a web app ... Read more »
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1. What is a Keylogger?
A keylogger (also called as spy software) is a small program that monitors each and every keystroke a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard. A keylogger program can be installed in just a few seconds and once installed, you are only a step away from getting the target password and other sensitive data.
2. How Keylogger works?
Once the keylogger is installed on a PC, it starts operating in the background (stealth mode) and captures every keystroke of the target computer.
Let’s take up a small example: The user on the target computer goes to and types his "username” and the "password” in the respective fields to login. The keylogger silently records these keystrokes and stores them in the logs. These logs when opened up shows the captured " ... Read more »
Category: H4ckers' Z0n3 | Views: 900 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-28 | Comments (0)

The 10 of may the backtrack team has released the version number 5 (codename "revolution”) of their penetration tool.
Yes backtrack it’s a live Linux Distribution made with this goal, be the best penetration and learning tool around.
It’s Based on Ubuntu Lucid LTS (10.04). Kernel 2.6.38, patched with all relevant wireless injection patches. Fully open source and GPL compliant. In this release you can choose to have Gnome or KDE and install it on 32 or 64 bit computer. The former release supported only 32 bit installation.
... Read more »
Category: H4ckers' Z0n3 | Views: 1570 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-28 | Comments (0)

Hacking is the practice of modifying the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator's original purpose. The person who is consistently engaging in hacking activities, and has accepted hacking as a lifestyle and philosophy of their choice, is called a hacker.
Computer hacking is the most popular form of hacking nowadays, especially in the field of computer security, but hacking exists in many other forms, such as phone hacking, brain hacking, etc. and it's not limited to either of them.
Due to the mass attention given to blackhat hackers from the media, the whole hacking ... Read more »
Category: H4ckers' Z0n3 | Views: 843 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-28 | Comments (0)

1: Use Anti-Virus Software

Anti Virus Software is your best protection against the worst kind of computer problems—viruses. Although most  virus spread through email and Internet downloads, some spread directly through the network and other spread through USB disk drives.
There’s too many ways for an virus to get on your computer for you to try to guard against all of them, so the first step you take to secure your computer should be to install good anti-virus software.
But even more important ... Read more »
Category: Computer tricks and tips | Views: 875 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-27 | Comments (0)

You can easily restore the taskbar by taking the following easy steps;
1. First launch Windows’ task manager. In Windows XP you can do this by pressing CTRL, ALT and DEL key simultaneously. In Windows 7, it is normally done by clicking on the task bar and then selecting "start task manager”, but since your task bar is not there in this case, let’s press CTRL, ALT and DEL keys simultaneously here as well and then click "start task manager” from the menu.
2. The task manager would look something like image 1 below. Click on the  ... Read more »
Category: Computer tricks and tips | Views: 883 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-27 | Comments (0)

Blue” is one of the favorite colors of many people including myself but not when it relates to computer problems. The notorious "blue screen error” also known as the "blue screen error of death (BSOD)” is easily the most dreadful PC problem you will ever come across in your life. And the worst part is, it pops up frequently these days no matter what windows operating system you are using.The blue screen error has more than one faces – and at least two that I have seen so far. Sometimes the error will show up and the PC will just die, and at other times it will keep rebooting the PC in cycles. If you see the 1st kind of error, an almost dead PC, it is often the less annoying face and easy to deal with. Fi ... Read more »
Category: Computer tricks and tips | Views: 875 | Added by: geenix | Date: 2012-08-27 | Comments (0)

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